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We help language kids become fluent in Spanish by teaching them our mother tongue and our grandparents’ traditions

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Welcome to Kiddos Lingua, the Spanish after school program at James Monroe Elementary School (Room 805) during the current school year. Space is limited to a daily enrollment of 30 elementary schoolchildren from Pre-Kindergarten to 5th grade, including home-schooled students in the Coachella Valley. First come, first served!

Students are welcome to enroll and remain steadily in the program working towards their fluency in Spanish.

Kiddos Lingua is an academic program focused on:

  • Teaching Spanish as a second language

  • Art Projects

  • Homework Support


Mrs. Yipsy De Armas, Bachelor's degree in Education

Mrs. Ena Mairena, Bachelor’s degree in Education

Mr. Luis Miguel, Master's degree in Spanish.

They are bilingual professors, native Spanish speakers, and background checked. They hold valid teaching credentials from accredited universities in the USA, Latin America, and Spain.
Complementing the learning that happens at school in English, this after school program has the unique opportunity of teaching Spanish as a second language. Kiddos Lingua opens the door to the Hispanic culture, traditions, and music.

Children will learn the four fundamental skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing plus basic grammar rules. Based on your child's language level (not grade level), we implement the following curriculums:

  • Risas y Sonrisas. Spanish for Kids (Beginning level),

  • Klan 7. !Hola, amigos! (Intermediate and Advanced levels)

  • Rockalingua. (Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced levels)

The latest research-based methodologies in second language acquisition are used in the program. For example, the experiencial method (also known as project-based) and the communicative method. Learning ocurrs in a stress-free atmosphere where students play games, sing Spanish songs, make performances, dance, and interact with one another and the teachers in pairs, small groups, and general sessions.

Kiddos who come from Latino/Hispanic communities  will learn new vocabulary, how to read, write, and improve their oral fluency.

Children coming from an English background will be able to master the second most spoken language in the United States with more than 40 million Spanish speakers, 15.3 million of them living in California. (Source: US Census Bureau 2016)

Kiddos Lingua's main goal is to create a linguistic foundation in elementary schoolchildren before they take Spanish courses in middle and high school. Becoming bilingual, bicultural, and biliterate will help our students to succeed in education, the job market, and their personal lives. 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 2:25PM to 5:30PM

Thursday from 12:25PM to 5:30PM

* Snacks will be provided.


James Monroe Elementary School. 42-100 Yucca Lane, Bermuda Dunes, CA 92201.
MONTHLY TUITION per student:

  • 5 days a week: $300 (Most Popular)

  • 4 days a week: $275

  • 3 days a week: $250

One time Registration and Materials Fee: $50 per family.

Signing up an Annual Contract is required. Monthly Tuition is due on or before the first school day of the month.

Spaces are limited to 30 kids/day. First come, first served!

KIDS GROUP LESSONS (Monthly Tuition)
from 250.00


5x/week = $300 a month (More Popular and Most Effective in Terms of Language Acquisition)

4x/week = $275 a month

3x/week = $250 a month

One-Time Registration and Materials Fee: $50 (per family). Due separetly during first month of enrollment.


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