Estado del Tiempo LA QUINTA, California
“Kiddos Lingua is a great program if you want your children to learn Spanish. Yipsy and Luis and not only amazing people but they are also great teachers. My kids love going and I would highly recommend this program to anyone.”

MEGAN L. Bermuda Dunes, CA
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Yipsy De Armas, B.S. in Education (2001) 

Mrs. De Armas was born and raised in a Latin American country and speaks Spanish fluently. As the youngest daughter of Spanish  immigrants from the Canary Islands, she understands the differences between the Spanish from Spain and Latin America. She grew up in a monolingual environment and only learned English as a foreign language in middle and high school. That challenge fueled her desire of speaking English to her daughter since she was a toddler. When Mrs. De Armas and her family moved to the United States, she wanted to raise a bilingual daughter while maintaining her Spanish heritage, traditions, and culture. This was the first seed to start Kiddos Lingua: After School Program. Yipsy really wanted to share her Hispanic heritage with her daughter's classmates after school hours. 

She is very passionate about teaching Spanish to small kids through interactive activities, songs, games, storytelling, theatrical performances, and art. Her bachelor's degree in Education and Teaching plus fifteen years of experience, have given her the tools to encourage kids to speak Spanish since childhood. Therefore, all the students in Kiddos Lingua are growing up as bilingual individuals under Mrs. De Armas' guidance. They have one little body and two big souls: English and Spanish. Mrs. De Armas is a fingerprinted and certified Spanish teacher.

“My son has been in Kiddos Lingua now for 3 years and his spanish has improved exponentially. I love the fact that he speaks/communicates with his grandma now. Before they were both using sign language....hahahaha. Yipsy and Luis Miguel have been nothing less than exceptional in the material/method/care they take of my son and his linguistic needs. I highly recommend this program.”

JOEL R. Indio, CA

Luis Miguel Cruz, M.A. in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language (2017) & B.A. in Spanish Language and Literature (2000).

Mr. Cruz was born and raised in a Latin American country and speaks Spanish fluently. He is the grandson of an immigrant from Asturias, Spain. The Spanish language has been his truly passion since childhood participating in innumerable contests at the local and national level. At the age of fourteen, he won the Golden Medal at the National Spanish Contest for secondary school students. A few years later, Mr. Cruz had the opportunity to attend college and studied Spanish Language and Literature. He graduated with honors and a summa cum laude degree as a Spanish teacher. He is been working in the educational field for more than sixteen years, mostly as a college professor and high school teacher.

Mr. Cruz also has experience as a journalist and professional anchor working for more than a decade for public and private Spanish media stations like Univision and Telemundo Palm Springs. He is the author of the book De la palabra al sonido: cuentística en la radio. (2001).

Mr. Cruz has pursued graduate studies at Humboldt State University and University of California San Diego earning his teaching credentials in Spanish.  In 2017, he graduated with honors from the International Master for Spanish Teachers program at the Pontifical University of Salamanca, Spain. Because he wanted to raise a bilingual daughter, he created Kiddos Lingua: After School Program during the 2015-16 school year. Working together with Mrs. De Armas and their daughter Lauren is one of the most rewarding experiences in Luis' personal and professional live. Mr Cruz is a fingerprinted and certified Spanish teacher.

“My son is around 8 years old. He started learning Spanish by enrolling in Kiddos Lingua when he started second grade. He made very good progress in learning Spanish vocabulary starting first week itself. Within two months he started forming sentences in Spanish. Prior to learning Spanish as part of Kiddos Lingua, I tried 5 different Spanish teachers for my son but nothing worked at all. Kiddos Lingua method of teaching is very effective and it has been working well.

Kiddos Lingua Spanish teacher (Mrs. Yipsy De Armas), who is a native Spanish speaker, is highly educated and has exceptionally good Spanish teaching skills. Luis Miguel, who is also a highly educated Spanish teacher, has been managing the program very successfully. He provided a lot of free Spanish learning material (for example, online Spanish learning games) which made Spanish learning easy with a lot of fun. I highly recommend Kiddos Lingua for Spanish learning.”

G.S, Bermuda Dunes, CA