Estado del Tiempo LA QUINTA, California


  • Our native speakers, certified, and experienced teachers will teach you Spanish in a stress-free atmosphere during the current school year. They will use the experiential and communicative approaches so you can use Spanish from day one in your daily live. Instructors will also provide a variety of materials like textbooks, workbooks, bilingual dictionaries, and online resources per session.

  • Our Spanish teachers will ask you to complete academic activities, excercises, and projects in class and/or outside the class. All activities will be evaluated and oral/written feedback will be given. Professors will encourage you to practice reading, writing, listening, and speaking in Spanish with native and non-native speakers systematically.

  • Our Spanish instructors will determine your fluency level by using formal/informal assessments like questioning, quizzes, tests, etc. Additionally, they will measure your actual mastery of Spanish, accommodate the curriculum to your specific learning style, and make sure you are accomplishing the goal of becoming bilingual.

If we don’t live up to any of the above promises, we insist that you tell us right away. We will restore the above VALUES immediately and ensure the HIGH QUALITY instruction you deserve at all times.