Estado del Tiempo LA QUINTA, California
“Kiddos Lingua is a great program if you want your children to learn Spanish. Yipsy and Luis and not only amazing people but they are also great teachers. My kids love going and I would highly recommend this program to anyone.”

MEGAN L. Bermuda Dunes, California
“My son has been in Kiddos Lingua now for 3 years and his spanish has improved exponentially. I love the fact that he speaks/communicates with his grandma now. Before they were both using sign language....hahahaha. Yipsy and Luis Miguel have been nothing less than exceptional in the material/method/care they take of my son and his linguistic needs. I highly recommend this program.”

JOEL R. Indio, California
“My son is around 8 years old. He started learning Spanish by enrolling in Kiddos Lingua when he started second grade. He made very good progress in learning Spanish vocabulary starting first week itself. Within two months he started forming sentences in Spanish. Prior to learning Spanish as part of Kiddos Lingua, I tried 5 different Spanish teachers for my son but nothing worked at all. Kiddos Lingua method of teaching is very effective and it has been working well.

Kiddos Lingua Spanish teacher (Mrs. Yipsy De Armas), who is a native Spanish speaker, is highly educated and has exceptionally good Spanish teaching skills. Luis Miguel, who is also a highly educated Spanish teacher, has been managing the program very successfully. He provided a lot of free Spanish learning material (for example, online Spanish learning games) which made Spanish learning easy with a lot of fun. I highly recommend Kiddos Lingua for Spanish learning.”

G.S. Bermunda dunes, California
“We enrolled our son as a second grader into this Spanish After School Program and it’s been the best money spent! before this program, he didn’t know any Spanish... nothing at all. He has learned so much just in one school year. It’s absolutely amazing to see him absorb what he has learned and apply it in everyday life.

We recently went to dinner at a local Mexican Restaurant and he ordered in Spanish! We couldn’t believe it! We are extremely happy with the program, environment and Mrs. Yipsy is so great with the kids too!”

RILEY O. Indio, California